Do you want to skip the queue?

There are no shortcuts to success but some say the recipe to success is ‘to conceive, believe and it can be achieved’. Win without compromising the principles. If you’re one not to settle for good but for the “best”, have that x-factor and think you have what it takes then this is just for you. Be the candidate who stands out from the rest.

Skip filling out the application form and take a shortcut by submitting your 1 minute video telling us why you should be in the elimination round. Simply fill out your details below and submit your video.

The rules still apply!

You can enter if:

  • you are younger than 35
  • have you been in the short-term insurance industry (any part of it) for more than four years
  • you preferably hold some form of short-term insurance studies or qualification
Take note

If you have not been selected as the one to skip the queue, you still have a chance to enter. Shortcut applicants will be notified on 14 August 2017. The closing date for the normal application process is 31 August 2017.

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Please make sure you read about the process before you enter. Send us your shortcut video application before 11 August 2017.


Here's the deal.

You have to send your video using dropbox. If you don't know how to do it, simply visit THIS DROPBOX LINK.  You then have to copy and paste that link below.

Videos will be viewed by a judging panel and will not be placed online or shared.