Frequently Asked Questions

Employer question: If my employee is chosen as one of the top eight apprentices, is there any reason for me as an employer to be concerned that this employee will be head hunted in the near future?
What is The Insurance Apprentice all about?
What is the aim of The Insurance Apprentice?
Why should I enter? What’s in it for me?
What is the criterion to enter?
The Insurance Apprentice takes place in Jo'burg but what if I live in Cape Town or Durban?
What happens after regional rounds take place?
If I make it into the top eight what happens next?
During the filming week what can I expect?
When is the winner announced?
When does the series air and where does it air?
Can I enter The Insurance Apprentice on my own or does my company have to get involved in anyway?
Can a company get involved?
What if I entered the competition the previous year but only made it to the elimination round?
How can I stay up to date and know what’s happening with The Insurance Apprentice?
I have questions to ask, who can I contact?