Paballo Makupu

Blessed Sbusiso Nxuseka Company: EY

  1. Why did you choose to enter The Insurance Apprentice? I entered The Insurance Apprentice to get exposure in terms of my industry knowhow, represent the skillsets at my company, and lastly, to win and represent our industry and country to the world.
  2. In your mind, what qualities should an ambassador of The Insurance Apprentice have? Love their job and be passionate about engaging with other people.
  3. Did you choose a career in insurance or did you fall into the industry like so many others? Briefly share your story. The industry and I chose each other. My degree equipped me with the technical knowledge of the insurance industry, and I ran with it. I have worked in both life insurance as well as short term insurance which shows that with a career in insurance, the sky is the limit especially given my experience as an innovation consultant. This industry is ever evolving, and I enjoy being at the forefront of it.
  4. How important is winning for you? Winning is very important for me. Making the top 9 is winning and I have won.
  5. A message to all the TIA sponsors? You have a gem right here 😊 and I aim to show it to the industry as a whole.
  6. Advice to yourself about what you should remember and focus on as you are going into the competition. BE YOU no one else can do a better job than you. BE open to being vulnerable and acknowledging it when you don’t know or are not sure. Your glass is always open to receiving knowledge and learning.