Applications for series 6 now open

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Before submitting your application, you have to familiarise yourselfs with the terms & conditions.  Please remember to write in small letters..

Application close on 30 August 2019.



A Task

Please submit a one-minute video (don’t be too serious and feel free to be a bit light-hearted about this) on one of the following topics below. The aim of this exercise is for us to get to know you a little bit better, and for you to showcase yourself in a different way. The video will be reviewed internally and not shared or uploaded publicly or on social media platforms… for now, but do take into account that we might use it later so we need you to confirm that you are happy that we use it in an open forum should you go to a next level in the selection process. The videos will not be the determining factor but will contribute in making the decision.

Please note that this does not need to be a high-tech production, we just want to see a bit more of you... so don’t over-complicate it, but definitely be proud of what you deliver. Tip – tell viewers what you are talking about when you start your video.

Your topic choices

  1. Sell insurance to someone who is looking for the best deal on bicycle insurance… explain to them what is covered and what not (no company names please).
  2. You are a broker… tell us why the industry will never survive without brokers.
  3. Would you rather have more time or more money?
  4. Help us fall in love with insurance.
  5. What will you give up that you really love to go to Lloyds of London?

How do I share my video?
Please share your file using WeTransfer (